*1965; lives and works in Leipzig



As as strollologist (walking artist), the visual artist is concerned with nature, its perception, plants and the systems of order that underlie processes of experience. Walking plays a major role in his works, which are often combinations of experimental printmaking and poetry. Important sources of inspiration for his art are Lucius & Annemarie Burckhardt as well as his time at the Bauhaus Dessau 1998 - 2001. Exhibition participations in Germany and abroad on contemporary art and garden. He received numerous grants and awards, including Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf, Kartause Ittingen (Switzerland), DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst and the Free State of Saxony. He also produces various wildflower mixtures as living works of art.




Waldziest - from the series "Röderhofer Drucke"





* 1982, lives and works in Bahía Solano



Velia is a writer, social communicator and journalist. She is a lover of the sea and loves to read with others and for others. Velia was the first winner of the Scholarship for the publication of Afro-Colombian authors from the Ministry of Culture in Colombia with "Aguas de Estuario" (Laguna Libros, 2020) and has participated in the publication "Oír somos río" (2019) and its bilingual German-Spanish edition (Grindwal Kollektiv, 2021). She has published several articles and short stories, among them the short story "Bajo el Yarumo", which is part of the publication "Maletín de relatos pacíficos" (Caro y Cuervo Institute - Fondo Acción, 2017). Velia is founder and director of the Motete Educational and Cultural Corporation, an organization that seeks to close development gaps in the department of Chocó, by generating encounters in cultural and educational spaces around art, reading and cuisine and organizes the Festival of Reading and Writing of Chocó (FLECHO).


photo: Elizabeth Gallon Droste



lives and works in Hamburg



For her artistic projects, Dorothea Heinrich repeatedly seeks out specific regions over long periods of time. Travels to Mongolia and through Argentina have been essential to her – just as she is constantly drawn to the Alps and the Baltic Sea. In Dorothea Heinrich’s artistic work, the investigation of nature, landscape and wilderness is of central importance. It is her concern to decipher the fascination emanating from wilderness. At the same time, she aims at understanding the culture, the people and their forms of interaction and communication. She enters situations – taking them in wile taking pictures with keen and fine sensitivity. The development of Dorothea Heinrich’s artistic position is influenced by her wide-ranging exploration with various media. Painting and drawing shape the expression of her photography, which also captures cinematic moments.




(D21/6728) 02.03.2021 Darß, 2021, fine art print (detail), 110 x 160 cm